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WELCOME!!- we love you and we are going to show you just how much!

How lovely to be able to celebrate and welcome your new baby with a naming ceremony and celebrate your new life role as parents and bring together all those friends and family that will be a part of your child’s life.

It’s the ideal choice for you if you are not religious.

It may be that you have recently adopted or fostered a child and would love them to be publicly honoured as part of your family. What a lovely way to give your new family member a real sense of acceptance and understanding that they are home.

It may be that you have recently become a blended family and that certainly is a reason to celebrate.

It may be that you are proclaiming a new identity to the world.

Celebrate that incredibly important milestone with friends and family with joy, hope and gravitas.

A time to acknowledge the role of Guardians during the ceremony.

Having people in your life that you love and admire to stand as Guardians and mentors to your children is wonderful. I know how much my children have loved having their “Godparents” in their lives. We chose those people who we knew would be great role models; who would care and love them and take a real interest in their lives and would help guide them to be good, kind and loving people.

A ceremony tells those people how much you admire them and it is such a joyful day and I just love them.

About me

What's in a name? I would love to be your celebrant for this ceremony as I put so much value on someone's name and love to hear the story behind why you chose it. . A name links you into your roots and helps you ground yourself with who you are and where you have come from. My company name- Rosalie- is my middle name. It has come down through the generations- every one of my great grandparents had a Rosalie and so did each generation that followed. I was the last one until my daughter was born. I was named after my Aunty Rosalie who died at 11 years old and through my name I honour her. A name is something you feel. After all, you have given your child that name after a lot of thought.

My package

Naming and family ceremonies can take place anywhere, and do not have to cost the earth. The ceremony can be anything that you want it to be. They are really fun. My delightful job is to create and lead a ceremony that embraces the beauty of the day in whatever way you want.
Please do contact me for a chat. It will be my absolute pleasure

How does it work?

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    Once you've contacted me we will have a good old chat, either online or even better face to face where I will listen and listen some more. We can talk about all the ideas that have been buzzing around your head about how you want to feel on your day and everything that matters to you. This is a great way to see if we click and whether you'd like to go ahead and book me for your celebrant.

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    You've decided to book me! Lovely! You can then secure your day and your booking with a deposit and your name on the contract and then that day is yours. We will set the date for us to meet a couple of months before the ceremony and we will set up a WhatsApp together for easy communication.

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    Two months before the service we will have that meeting - ideally face to face but we can do it online. I will listen and listen some more about what matters to you and what beliefs and values you want to have the ceremony represent and who you would like to be involved. I can offer advice on format and any rituals you may want to include and we can bounce ideas around together. I will love getting to know you as a family and that helps me create a ceremony that really aligns with who you are and what you want to feel on the day and beyond. We will agree on a date for me to send through the first draft. You can of course contact me easily during that time. Don’t worry - this is all stress free.

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    That first draft will come through for your approval and of course you can make any changes, tweaks and additions you want to. We can redraft until you are totally happy.

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    On the Big Day I will arrive at least an hour beforehand to check everything is in order and you are totally happy. Your job is to enjoy the day so I want to take all that stress off you. Don't worry too much about time. Children don't always play to our schedules do they!

    Then we celebrate!

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    After it is all done I will send you a PDF copy of your script as a lovely memento of the day. Something you can frame or re-gift them as a speech at the 18th birthday do!

PS: Please do contact me for a chat. Discounts for all NHS workers, teachers and Heatons residents because you deserve it. Let’s start planning!

Contact me here for a no obligation chat. I'd love to hear from you

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