Affordable and Unique Venues for Celebrant led Weddings, Naming Ceremonies and Vow Renewals in Stockport.


As a new celebrant business committed to serving our lovely local community I am on a mission to find out who in the local area is providing services that allow us to celebrate all the milestones in our lives. So this is my second blog exploring the local community in Cheshire and where you can find all you need to celebrate life and love right on your doorstep with a celebrant led wedding.

Spotlight on Lyme Breeze Weddings and Events

Kate Shenton is the wedding coordinator. I came across Lyme Breeze Events on my hunt for an affordable wedding venue after a couple on a budget said they wanted something really special and a wedding that felt truly unique. I contacted Kate and she immediately agreed to chat with me.

All about Kate

It is so important to me that you know something about the wedding coordinator. They are the ones driving the process for you. I really loved Kate. She has been in the industry for over 35 years and so she really knows what’s what. Having started in the hotel industry, Kate has now been running her own venues for 15 years and Lyme Breeze is her second. She felt that there was such potential in Lyme Breeze to create a really unique and intimate venue that wouldn’t cost the earth. Kate’s take is that all weddings are unique and she treats people that way. 

What are the values of this affordable venue?  

In her words – great food, great style, excellent personal service and staff that are happy. I can see that team work is really important here and they all pull together. The staff all seem really motivated and are beautifully polite to the guests. The brand value here is that your wedding should be special without being financially stressful. 

We all want our wedding to be unique, don’t we?

Everyone wants their wedding to be unique. What will make your wedding day the one people will remember? For me that was the fire engines arriving when the band set off all the alarms. There are more pictures of me standing next to a fireman and a fire engine than my actual wedding! Make your wedding unique for all the right reasons!

For me as a celebrant, making a wedding totally personal is everything. When a wedding ceremony really is all about you and your guests, your ceremony will forever stick in the mind. Venues are always great when built in to the day is something that really is different. Lyme Breeze does just that.

Arrive by narrow boat!

You can arrive to your wedding on a narrow boat and then you can get your ring delivered to you by a trained owl! Read on! 

Lyme Breeze is right on the banks of the Macclesfield canal. The narrowboat has a history – a couple who married in 2019 own it and they loved it so much that they hire it out and skipper the boat. It’s all decorated for you and you can specify what you’d like in terms of colour scheme. It’s super modern inside and a real unique choice to make when other people are arriving in a car and- also – far cheaper.

You get an hours sail before hand and they will be around afterwards so that you and your guests can have photos taken.  Imagine drinking a cold glass of fizz, people waving to you from the bank and from the houses as you coolly sail up the canal. Sometimes its the bride and her party or the Bride and Groom arrive together – accompanied in many cases by their fur baby. I love this, but I love this next bit even more.

Couple with tehir dog at Lyme Breeze events for a celebrant led wedding
Don’t forget your fur baby

An owl can deliver your ring for you!

I kid you not. You will have a meeting with the falconer before the event and get to meet their owl – Luna is one of them. On the day the falconer will meet whoever is going to be receiving the owl, and will have a gauntlet hidden at the side of the ceremony space so your guests will know nothing.

Element of surprise is a great way to really engage everyone in the ceremony and make those memories. Your celebrant will know of course. How does it work? The falconer discreetly positions themselves at the back (and this can be indoors or outdoors). Then, the appropriate moment when the celebrant calls for the rings, the gauntlet goes on and the owl will appear with the rings attached to the jesses.

You can’t hear an owl fly so as a result, this is a real delightful surprise and will be talking point for everyone. How lovely. 

Contact me to find out more about having a celebrant led wedding at Lyme Breeze.

A ceremony that will be talked about for a long time after.  

This won’t be the only surprise you an build into your wedding. Talk to your celebrant about all the ways you can include the element of surprise in your ceremony and involve your guests and make them part of your moment.

What is the ceremony space like?

As I write this I am looking at it now and it is lovely. It is intimate and so pretty. A lot of care has gone into the aesthetic of this. Fairy lights everywhere, light, airy and elegant.

The overall feel though is rustic – it’s not a barn really – it is not corporate, its not ostentatious – it is really homely and therefore has a great sense of warmth. It is absolutely perfect for an affordable really gorgeous unique day. “Barn style” is probably the best way to describe it, but it goes beyond that for me. It holds up to 80 people indoors.

The outside space is also adorned in fairy lights with a beautiful view of the canal, which makes this venue a perfect for a celebrant led twilight wedding on a balmy evening. The seating is haybales which adds to the sense of the occasion. The space creates a natural theatre as it is slightly sloped. The ceremony area is a rustic wooden gazebo and will be decorated as you’d like. It’s a really lovely space. 

Is there a bar outside?

Yes. Outside the ceremony room is a fully licensed bar fully stocked with some delicious draft beers. There is a post box for all your cards. It is licensed by Cheshire East Registry office so you can have a registrar, however, Kate does add that celebrant weddings are getting more and more popular. Firstly it gives you so much flexibility about when you can have your wedding. Secondly more and more people are looking for a much more personalised wedding that is crafted moment by moment for them and about them.  With a celebrant wedding you an have the wedding at whatever time you want. A candlit, fairy it wedding after dark? Lovely.

What packages are on offer?

All ceremonies are bespoke but this will give you an idea. 

A “wee do”

There are 3 packages – a “wee do”, traditional and a twilight. The “Wee do” evolved after lock down and is a package for a minimum of 30 people and includes drinks and a 2 course wedding breakfast. Its a little do -perfect for a really intimate day for you and close family and friends with a celebrant led wedding.

The traditional

The traditional package is is the full day – full drinks, 3 course breakfast, evening reception with the DJ thrown in and evening bacon, sausage baps and chips. 


There is a twilight offer as well. This is a more of an informal package with drinks and canapes following the ceremony and then its straight into the evening function. So if you’d like a 4pm or 5pm ceremony with no wedding breakfast that’s really affordable, this is for you. It has more of a party feel. There are discounts for mid-week weddings and discounts for winter weddings – October and November, January and February. They of course do Christmas weddings – and I imagine that would be beautiful here.

Not just for weddings!

This is a venue that caters for more than weddings – vow renewals have been done here, anniversaries, big birthdays, naming days and christenings, celebrations of life, baby showers, retirement dos and hen parties. There is a lot of flexibility here. 

How do I find out more?

To discuss specific costings, get in touch with Kate and she will listen to what you need and give you a quote. This is a really affordable venue with a first class service. Its well worth having that chat.


There isn’t accommodation on site, but immediately on the marina behind the venue is an Air B&B that sleeps 12 and there is a Travel Lodge a mile down the road and there are various 4* hotels within 5 miles. The Tytherington Club will offer extras for anyone coming to an event here.


I always ask about values and inclusivity. 

The venue is all one level and there is a ramp leading to the front terrace. The path to the outdoor ceremony space is suitable for wheel chairs and a fully accessible toilet and baby changing facilities. 

A screen could be available if required for the ceremony to be projected if anyone in your party is hearing impaired. They welcome civil partnerships, same sex weddings of course. They can also do live stream for anyone who are unable to be there or are far away. I like the values and ethics that Kate stands for. There would be no issue at all with organising meetings and you’d feel completely supported throughout the process. 

When can I visit?

You can pop in for a drink at any time and there is also an afternoon tea.

My overall impressions: 

I love this venue. Its the kind of place your guests will love. Elegance but lacking in formality and everyone will really enjoy the day. 

Let's make something really special together.

Weddings and Civil Partnerships:

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Naming Ceremonies:

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Celebration of Life Planning:

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